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These angels in human form are all trained to our exacting standards of exquisite skill and finesse in various forms of massage, which matched with their naturally passionate natures, makes them perfect erotic masseuses at Warrington’s latest high class massage parlour.

If you are looking for some mature encounters through the medium of massage them Warrington Massage Parlour is awaiting you.

How should I book my escort?

A: You have different options to book an escort; you can book by phone at 852-8100 0923 or e-mail at We pride ourselves on replying promptly to bookings and queries alike.

What is the price for (specific girl)? It just says $ on her profile!

A: While we provide specific rates for some escorts, other girls have prices that vary and you will need to contact us for an accurate quote. We thank you for your understanding.

Does every girl do overnights?

A: Some of our girls do overnight bookings, while others do not. You can usually find that information on the girl’s profile in the Gallery section.

Do you accept text messages?

A: As with other elite escort agencies in italy, we do not respond to text messages. It is best to call us at the phone number given above or contact us via e-mail.

What times are the ladies available for bookings?

A: Availability varies from girl to girl, but the home page shows which girls are available on a daily basis. The best way to determine whether a girl is available during the hours you desire is to contact us.

Am I expected to tip my escort?

A: We do not have “hidden fees” at Gorgeous Loves. The rate you are quoted is all you are expected to pay; if you are inspired to tip an escort, that is simply by choice and completely optional.

Do you accept credit cards or other payment methods?

A: Please contact us at the time of your booking to discuss payment options. We will be glad to inform you of the methods available to you.

Are your escorts clean and healthy?

A: We pride ourselves on great customer satisfaction and part of that is protecting both our girls and our clients. As such, all of our girls are tested regularly. To keep everyone safe, we ask that you do not request our girls to engage in unsafe activities that carry an extra risk of infection.